Q: How do I book a viewing of Orchard Preschool and Playgroup?

We encourage every family to come and visit us at Orchard before making a decision to join us. You can book a viewing be calling 01647 277546 or emailing orchardpreschool@gmail.com. We offer viewings during our standard opening hours but may also be able to accommodate out of hours viewings if required.

NOTE: Whilst Covid-19 restrictions are in place we are still able to offer viewings but we will be asking all those who attend to wear a mask (over 11 years) and sanitize their hands on arrival (all). When visiting, please be respectful of these requirements and please do not be offended if we respectfully remain 2 metres away when showing you our indoor spaces.

Q: How do I book a nursery or preschool place at orchard?

To confirm your place, you will need to complete a registration for (attached) and return it by email to orchardpreschool@gmail.com. We do not charge a registration fee at this time.

Q: What do you do to help my child settle on their first sessions?

When you have decided to register with Orchard, we will arrange two settling sessions for your child. During the first session, the parent/carer will be invited to join their child during the session to play with them whilst they explore their space. We work together closely to understand how settled your child is feeling is this first session. If they are happy and confident, and the parent is happy to do so, we encourage the parent to leave the child in our care for a short period of time. In the second settling session we encourage the child to be left in our care for longer before joining us for their full session on the third occasion. Whilst we believe this method works well for most children, we understand that a longer settling period may be required for some families and are happy to work individually with each child to create a settling plan that works for them.

Q: Does my child need to be toilet trained before joining Orchard

The short answer is no. As we welcome children from 8 months old we are fully prepared to work with children and their families to support their development milestones – including potty training. We discuss each child’s stage with the family to understand any methods they would like to adopt and fully support the families choices.

Q: My child still sleeps in the day, is that ok?

Absolutely! In our Acorns room, we are fully prepared for children to be taking a sleep in the day and will discuss their naptime routines with the parents and try our very best to encourage the child to sleep at the time suggested by the families. We also understand that our Saplings (2-3 year olds) and even some of our Oaks (3-4 year olds) will get tired throughout the day. We also set up a cosy area in both our outside and insider spaces where children can take themselves for a rest or sleep throughout the day if needed. Sleeping children will be monitored carefully at all times by a member of our team.

Q: What clothing does my child need to bring with them?

We spend as much time outside as possible so we ask that parents pack a full set of all weather clothing for their child. This includes wellies, waterproofs, hats and gloves in winter and sun cream in the summer. Extra clothing to change into is a must as we often get wet during water play and extra layers help to keep children cosy both outside and inside. See our full kit list HERE. Please be aware that we always encourage messy play so be prepared for your child to come home covered in mud, grass stains, paint or clay.

Q: What food shall I pack for my child?

We ask that every child attends Orchard with a complete packed lunch. We will provide a healthy snack and drink (milk or water) at morning and afternoon break times. If you would like some balanced packed lunch ideas please visit: http://www.nhs.uk/change4life/recipes/healthier-lunchboxes    

We are a nut free setting so we ask you not to pack anything that contains nuts in your child’s packed lunch. If you child has allergies or has any dietary requirements, we are more than happy to accommodate their needs and routines into our sessions.

Q: What if my child is sick?

If your child is poorly, we ask that you ring or email Orchard to inform us. If your child has a light cold and you feel that they will still enjoy their session then we do encourage you to still bring them in. However, there are a number of illnesses where it is recommended that your child stay at home. Children with sickness and diarrhoea must stay at home for 48 hours after the last episode for example. For more information about which illnesses your child can and cannot attend Orchard with, please see our notice board in the foyer or ask a member of staff.

Q: Can I easily increase or decrease my child’s days

We do try to be extremely flexible at Orchard and can almost always offer your child an extra day at very little notice. So if you suddenly need care for the odd day in a week it’s always worth getting in touch to ask. If you are looking to reduce your days for more than a short period of time (2 weeks), we ask that you give us half a terms notice so that we can adjust our staffing accordingly.

Q: How do I pay my nursery fees?

You will receive your fees invoice on a half termly basis. If you are not yet entitled to Early Years or 2Gether funding we ask that you pay your invoice promptly. We accept payment by bacs, cheque or cash or you can pay for your sessions using childcare vouchers. We are already registered with many childcare voucher schemes so if you would like to pay by this method, please speak to our manager for more information.

Q: What will happen if my child gets sick or has an accident at Orchard?

On the rare occasion that a child falls ill whilst in our care we will immediately contact the parents/carers to inform them of the situation. We will work together to understand whether the child can remain in our care or will require collecting. Whilst they are with us we will keep them warm, safe and rested until it’s time for them to go home.

If your child has a minor accident whilst in our care, we will administer any first aid (with the permission of the parents) that is required. All incident will be recorded and parents/carers will be informed straight away. If a child is well enough to stay at Orchard after an accident they can remain  in our care. Please see our ACCIDENT POLICY for more information.

Q: What If my child has had an accident at home?

If your child has had an accident at home before coming to Orchard we ask that you inform us of any injury, even minor before you leave your child with us. Children bump and bruise themselves all the time but it’s worth even pointing out any minor scuffs and scrapes so that we can keep an eye on them throughout their session. If your child has been treated for a significant injury, please do let us know so that we can prepare a plan for how we can support them when they return to their sessions.

Q: Can nursery staff give my child medication?

If your child has been prescribed medication by a Doctor then we can administer this during their sessions with us. You will be asked to complete a medication form before the start of the session and provide full instructions for administration.

Q: What do I do if I have a concern/complaint to make?

We take any concerns from parents very seriously and hope that any parent/carer feels absolutely comfortable talking to any member of staff about anything relating to their child and their care at any time. However, if you would like to discuss your concerns further please contact our Manager Gemma Houghton in the first instance. If you feel that you need to escalate your concerns or complaints beyond this, please contact our Chairman Liz Ruffles by calling 07971 950316 or emailing elizabethrufflles@hotmail.co.uk

Q: What does it mean to be a charity preschool?

Orchard Preschool is a not-for-profit charity that is managed by a committee of parent Trustees. We are governed by Ofsted and follow the constitution set out by the Preschool Alliance. The Trustees are responsible for appointing a qualified and experienced Manager, as well as ensuring the safer recruitment procedures when recruiting the wider team. As a charity we conduct several fundraising events throughout the year. All donations are reinvested back into the setting covering non-essential staff training, equipment and extra curricular programmes of activity such as music, yoga or mindfulness.

Q: How can I get more involved at Orchard?

We encourage parents and families to get involved at Orchard any way they can. If you have a special skill that you wish to share, a love of nature or gardening, an interesting job that you want to tell the children about or a love of particular animals – we fully welcome you to join our sessions when you can. We also ask all families to join us in our fundraising efforts, whether that helping to organise an event or coming along to enjoy the day. Both help equally.

If you are interested in getting more involved with Orchard and would consider helping to steer and manage the setting, please consider becoming a Trustee. We are always looking for new Trustees to bring new ideas and energy to our group. For more information contact Liz Ruffles on 07971 950316 or email elizabethruffles@hotmail.com


Orchard Preschool offers nature based early years care and education for children aged one until they are ready to go to school.

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